Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling (Field Service)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling (Field Service)

In this blog, let’s consider the resource scheduling settings to be done for working on the Field Service schedule board.

To begin with, for the schedule board functionality, we need to turn on maps. To turn on the maps, go to Resource Scheduling > Administration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling (Field Service)

Click Scheduling Parameters.

Set Connect to Maps to Yes.

Click OK on the disclosure window and Save the record.

Also, let’s look at the resources data to be configured for filtering the right resources as per the work orders and services.

Go to Resource Scheduling, and under the Scheduling Section, we have various scheduling criteria data to be set as seen in the screenshot below.

  1. Resources: This displays the list of all bookable resources available in the system. The resource types could be Contact, User, Account, Equipment or Group.

For creating a new resource, click on +NEW and fill in the resource information.

Here you set the resource type. You can also specify the known resource skills, role, target utilization and characteristics with rating values, among other resource information that be captured.

  1. Resource Roles: This is a list of all the different roles of resources available in the organization.

New roles can be created by clicking +NEW. Give the role a new name. Billing Type can be set for the resource to chargeable/non-chargeable. Skills required for the role can be listed too.

  1. Resource Skills: This displays the characteristics of the resources that could be required for providing service.


Each characteristic type might require an approval at the resource level. While creating a skill, record details and save.

  1. Proficiency Models: Different rating models can be configured along with the rating values.

  1. Resource Requirements: Under resource requirements, you have preconfigured views that return list of resources as per the allocation and availability.

  1. Resource Bookings: Here we have the list of all the resource bookings. The start/end time, duration, booking time, status for each resource booking.

Here’s an overview of the schedule board.

To view the schedule board, go to Resource Scheduling > Schedule Board.

The schedule board is displayed with various filtering options as in the screenshot below.

The work orders would be displayed in different colour (as the legend seen above) as per the work order status and allocation. You can drag-drop available resource on to a work order on the schedule board or the scheduling assistant or the Book tool to manually book a resource on a work order.

The map view helps in locating the resource and the work order/service requirement.

The Resource Scheduling Optimization solution provides automatic scheduling of multiple booking requirements that minimizes overall travel time and maximizes efficient use of all resources. Resource availability, skills required, working hours, duration, and time windows are considered to optimize schedule.

Click the settings icon to manage the schedule board settings. The board settings that can be managed are:

  • Time Zone
  • Working Time
  • Resolution Time
  • Resources per Page
  • Number of weeks per page
  • Travel Duration Settings

  • View Settings
  • Booking Requirement Settings

You can edit tab settings by clicking on the Open Tab Settings button.

In the schedule board in the top right corner, we have the Initial public view (tab settings window for this view is seen above). To create a new tab click +. The tab settings window would be displayed for the new tab. Fill in details and click Apply.

That’s it in this blog on Resource Scheduling and an overview of the Schedule Board.

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