Using Color in PowerGrid to Improve User Experience and Productivity (Custom Grid on Dynamics365)

Using Color in PowerGrid to Improve User Experience and Productivity

PowerObjects PowerPack add-on, PowerGrid, enables users to consolidate their editing processes by selecting an entity and a pre-defined view from that entity, system or personal, and edit those records from the grid without needing to open each individual record.

One great feature of PowerGrid, is the ability to configure colors within the selected list view for an entity. This feature can be used to increase user readability and consequently boost productivity for users who use the system in their day-to-day work. Using the Express Configuration, a user or administrator can configure color-coding for certain criteria.

Below is an example list of tasks that are auto-generated for a specific case. The tasks are performed by different roles that manage the case. Each role is a different color with the past due tasks showing in red.


You configure the color-coding directly within PowerGrid by using the Express Configuration.


This configuration option is aimed at making the user’s work easier and more manageable by being easy on the eye and helping teams stay organized.

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